07 January 2011

Camping in the Sahel

early morning ~ as the sun rises over the campground
the river

The week between Christmas and New Years, Tim took the four biggers (Brendan, Rebekah, Nadia and Anna) to Parc W for a few nights of camping, climbing around on rocks, tramping through the Sahel looking for wild and dangerous creatures (and hoping their guide really knew what he was doing), canoeing on the Niger River, riding through the bush on the top of the Landcruiser - again trying to spot wild and dangerous African creatures, hanging out around a campfire with their buddies and eating the donuts Mom sent with them, freezing in the cool morning air and hoping a scorpion or snake didn't decide to seek out the warmth of their tent through the hole where the door didn't completely close.

They took a ton of pictures - and it will take us a few days to pick out the best ones to post here. I'll upload them all to facebook - so if you are one of our fb friends... you can see the whole kit and kaboodle! Even though some of their stories have horrified their mama, they had a great time - we need to get our brought out here (all of its doors zip tightly shut) and the plan is next winter, during the week between Christmas and New Years, we'll ALL go... and take our niece with us, since she's planning on a year long short term trip beginning this summer.


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