01 January 2011

"I LOVE it when a plan comes together..."

Anyone else willing to show their age and say they know what that quote is from???

In our family, the kids are allowed to have "big" parties with games and parent organized activities, lots of friends, a really special cake only on years 1, 5, 10 and 16...
otherwise I think I'd end up stark-raving mad just trying to keep up with all the parties!

Our sweet Anna truly is a girl after my own heart. Her other siblings have all wanted big parties, lots of people, lots of special activities, gift bags and party favors...
the whole kit and kaboodle.

Not our Anna - she invited just a few of her favorite friends
(which included Nadia and Tori, of course!),

they ate pizza, watched movies, played with her horse figures, chased puppies 
enjoyed cake (that was the big part of my plan that, surpisingly, worked out and better than I'd hoped) and ice cream,

slumber partied by the lights of the Christmas tree

and then after breakfast the next morning,
had the hand of their choice henna-ed.

It was such a low-key, relaxing evening and morning!
I'll plan a birthday party for that girl any time!

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