22 April 2010


Our oldest girl... she often acts so terribly grown up. Bakes bread, cooks dinner, changes diapers, fixes hair, babysits, navigates on road trips, jumps horses over barriers, speaks French fluently, teaches Children's Church competently...

It is easy to forget...

Then I stumble across a picture like this one, where I see anew the little girl that she was... and still is ~ with crystal clarity.

And I remember...

She really is, still, our oldest LITTLE girl who likes to hold hands with her daddy, giggles and whispers with her best friend as they wander through the Creation Museum, skips outside to kiss and hug her mama returning from retreat, digs in the ground hunting for lizards and snakes, sometimes forgets to brush her teeth, snuggles her teddy bear, sneaks in next to Daddy after a scary dream, dreams of swimming with wild dolphins and thinks she'll work for Australia Zoo someday.

It's good to remember.

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