20 April 2010

Stories like this break my heart ~

Living here, listening to news reports of recession and unemployment, our hearts ache for many friends, neighbors, churches, etc. who have suffered and struggled the past few years. We know it has not been easy for so many. It is easy, however, to forget that we in America still live in a land that is blessed and that as hard as recent months have been, there are others all over the world who have never known the abundance that we accept as commonplace and to which we believe we are entitled.

Our friends, neighbors, Nigerien colleagues and churches are now entering the hottest time of the year, often also a "lean" season, when last year's harvest is mostly depleted or already completely consumed... and market prices skyrocket because of increased demand for the limited supply. And our hearts ache for dear people, precious and loved by God, from our other home, many of whom are facing a season of need like we can only imagine because we've never experienced anything like it.

"With growing numbers of people going hungry in Niger, one of the poorest countries on Earth, WFP is stepping up food assistance. Mahamadou is one of the beneficiaries. He’s 13 months old and malnourished. But nutritious food supplements are giving him a fighting chance...and his mother, Sonia, a sense of hope. But, with the lean season around the corner and food becoming scarcer by the day, she’s worried about what will happen to her son."

Please join with us in praying for the people of Niger, for the many malnourished children, for the opportunities the church will have to share the message of God's abounding love and His amazing sacrifice, and that needy hearts will hear and receive that message in this time of great need.

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