23 March 2009

Congé de Pâques

This week is "Easter Vacation" or "Spring Break" for most of the schools in the city... including Ecole Goudel (a ministry where I've been quite involved the past 2 months), including Brendan at Sahel Academy... not including Nadia, Anna and Victoria at Ecole Alliance...

So, in some ways it feels like a vacation. I don't have to worry about any potential crises at the Goudel School and Sam, the man who works with me on the Sheep Tales radio scripts has left for the States for a few months, so I'm not working with him on a daily basis. Brendan is home - with a list of house projects to work on throughout the next two weeks and a little brother and sister who are delighted to have someone else to play legos with them.

Otherwise, I'm still home schooling Rebekah, Jonathan and Brendan has a few academic tasks amid his projects. I'm doing prep work on the Sheep Tales scripts so that when Sam returns, we can try to finish them before we leave (JULY 15th) and preparing for Ladies' Bible study at church. We are working on our prayer letter and starting to put together our church presentation for our year of home assignment. And, of course, I'm still washing diapers every day and otherwise keeping up with the laundry and other miscellaneous household chores that require the Mama's attention, including beginning to prepare the house and our things for furlough... yes, it really takes about 3 months or so to do that... well, at least it takes me that long!

And on top of that - it is getting hot - I checked the thermometer today, after it had already started to cool off - and it was 108.

So... in some ways, it really doesn't feel like a vacation!

Well, Tim just walked through the door after receiving his hot season haircut, so he doesn't hardly look like this photo now, even though it was taken Saturday night, after the Tri-M graduation ceremony. I wish you'd all been here to hear the kids' gasps as he walked through the door! Amusing!

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