31 March 2009

Basketball - in the Pool?

When it is as hot as it has been lately -

- it isn't a bad alternative. Kind of ends up being a mix between keep away and basketball.

No dribbling, of course!

Here's the Baaba watchin' his big girls...

We know this isn't a standard basketball - but sometimes, ya jus' gotta make do with whatcha got!

P.S. One of our friends glanced at that picture of Nadia and reminded me that in this photo we get a little glimpse of our much sooner-than-I'm-willing-to-admit teenager!


  1. Hey, don't say that about Nadia ... she is only a day and a half older than Emily and we are certainly not ready for a teenager:)

  2. ... i didn't say it! i was just quoting a friend (who already has two teens)... and by that point in time, we'll be working on #3!


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