16 March 2009

What About Your Mama?

1. What is something Mama always says to you?
Brendan: “Turn the lights off and go to sleep.”
Rebekah Joy: “Time to go to bed.”
Nadia: “Be nice to your siblings.”
Anna: “Clean up your room!”
Victoria: “Are you going to obey or disobey?”
Jonathan: “Love you, Jonny-man.”
Elsie Mae: “Me hug.”
Mary Michelle: “Peanut M&M”

2. What makes Mama happy?
Brendan: “Cleaning my room and doing my chores.”
Rebekah Joy: “Cleaning up our bedroom and doing our homework.”
Nadia: “When I’m kind to my brothers and sisters and when I help to make the house clean.”
Anna: When we do what she tells us to do.
Victoria: “Being obedient.”
Jonathan: “When me smile at her.”
Elsie Mae: “Me.”
Mary Michelle: Big smiles and sleeping all night.

3. What makes Mama sad?
Brendan: “Staying up late and playing computer games with Daddy when the house is a disaster.”
Rebekah Joy: “Leaving our bedroom a mess and deliberately disobeying her.”
Nadia: “When I disobey and I’m mean to others.”
Anna: “When we do what she doesn’t want us to do.”
Victoria: “Disobeying.”
Jonathan: “Mary crying.”
Elsie Mae: “Daddy bye bye.”
Mary Michelle: When I’m grumpy.

4. How does your mama make you laugh?
Brendan: “Tickling or threatening to tickle.”
Rebekah Joy: “Rolling me on the floor and tickling me to death.”
Nadia: “When she sneaks up on me when I’m lying in bed and she tickles my tummy.”
Anna: “She tickles me.”
Victoria: “By tickling me.”
Jonathan: “She tickles me.”
Elsie Mae: “Tackle!” – which interpreted means tickle.
Mary Michelle: Tickle me and dance with me.

5. What was your mama like as a child?
Brendan: “Quiet and malicious… in a good way.” (???)
Rebekah Joy: “Beautiful and stubborn.”
Nadia: “Kind and generous.”
Anna: “Obedient.”
Victoria: “She was a great little girl.”
Jonathan: “Silly.”
Elsie Mae: “Happy!”
Mary Michelle: ---

6. How old is your mama?
Brendan: “40.”
Rebekah Joy: “40.”
Nadia: “40.”
Anna: “I forgot that one! 40 or 41… I think she’s 40.”
Victoria: “Uh… 50?”
Jonathan: “4? Me don’t know.”
Elsie Mae: “Huh?”
Mary Michelle: ---

7. How tall is your mama?
Brendan: “Shorter than me. :-) “
Rebekah Joy: “5 foot something.”
Nadia: “She’s not very tall… Daddy’s the tall one and she’s the small one.”
Anna: “Almost as big as Bren-bren.”
Victoria: “Taller than me.”
Jonathan: “Way big, but not more than Brendan.”
Elsie Mae: “Big.”
Mary Michelle: ---

8. What is her favorite thing to do?
Brendan: “Tell us to clean our rooms.”
Rebekah Joy: “Read and play with the babies.”
Nadia: “To work and make sure the house is cleaned up so she can take care of the kids.”
Anna: “Read and take care of the baby.”
Victoria: “Read big books.”
Jonathan: “Read.”
Elsie Mae: “Tuddle.” – which interpreted means cuddle.
Mary Michelle: Hold and rock me.

9. What does your mama do when you're not around?
Brendan: “I don’t know.”
Rebekah Joy: “I have no idea.”
Nadia: “Do school work with the little kids, clean up the house and work on the computer.”
Anna: “Work on the computer and take care of the baby.”
Victoria: “Takes care of the kids and does stuff on the computer.”
Jonathan: “Work on the computer with Mr. Sam and bounce Mary.”
Elsie Mae: “Miss me.”
Mary Michelle: I’m never not around.

10. If your mama becomes famous, what will it be for?
Brendan: “Being in some sort of debate where her opponent is screaming but she is just smiling.”
Rebekah Joy: “World’s best mother.”
Nadia: “Her honesty.”
Anna: “For being a good Mama.”
Victoria: “For being good.”
Jonathan: “Me don’t know.”
Elsie Mae: “Me mile.” – which interpreted means my smile. : )
Mary Michelle: ---

11. What is your mama really good at?
Brendan: “Swimming.”
Rebekah Joy: “Getting you to do the things she wants, swimming, reading, cleaning, laughing.”
Nadia: “Teaching.”
Anna: “Making me laugh.”
Victoria: “At working.”
Jonathan: “Starting a movie for me to watch when school’s done.”
Elsie Mae: “Tuddle, luf me.”
Mary Michelle: Feeding me.

12. What is your mama not very good at?
Brendan: “Staying still, in one place, unless she’s sleeping.”
Rebekah Joy: “She gets lost easily and sometimes misses turns when she drives.”
Nadia: “She’s not very good at Gameboy games.”
Anna: “Brushing my hair gently.”
Victoria: “She’s not very good at putting the TV on.”
Jonathan: “Watching TV.”
Elsie Mae: “No tawk.” (She must think I talk too much.)
Mary Michelle: Changing my diaper as quickly as I would like.

13. What does your mama do for her job?
Brendan: “She’s on the school board.”
Rebekah Joy: “She’s a housewife.”
Nadia: “She works with the Goudel School and she teaches Ladies’ Bible studies.”
Anna: “Lots of writing.”
Victoria: “She takes care of the kids.”
Jonathan: “Her work? Take care of me.”
Elsie Mae: “Pute – rrrrr.” (I think that means computer.)
Mary Michelle: Hold me.

14. What is your mama’s favorite food?
Brendan: “Fruits and veggies.”
Rebekah Joy: “Raspberries.”
Nadia: “Poutine.” (i.e. French fries with cheese and gravy.)
Anna: “French fries with Dijon mustard.”
Victoria: “French fries with mayonnaise.”
Jonathan: “French fries.”
Elsie Mae: “Fry fries.”
Mary Michelle: Chewing on my toes.

(Rebekah got it right –
Raspberries are my favorite food…
but French fries and baby toes are close seconds!)

15. What makes you proud of your mama?
Brendan: “She listens before talking.”
Rebekah Joy: “She’s the best mom.”
Nadia: “That she’s the best mama in the world.”
Anna: “She’s a good mama.”
Victoria: “She does things good.”
Jonathan: “She loves me.”
Elsie Mae: “Me hug.”
Mary Michelle: ---

16. If your mama were a cartoon character, who would she be?
Brendan: “Bob the Tomato.”
Rebekah Joy: “Cera.” (on The Land Before Time.)
Nadia: “Belle, because she is nice everyone in our family and lots of other people.”
Anna: “Jasmine, because she’s my favorite.”
Victoria: “Cinderella because when she had her hair in a bun, she looks like Mama.”
Jonathan: “Cera.” (on The Land Before Time.)
Elsie Mae: “Jasmine.”
Mary Michelle: ---

17. What do you and your mama do together?
Brendan: “Talk.”
Rebekah Joy: “School work, sit on the couch and talk, watch the kids.”
Nadia: “We cook and I sometimes help her with school and homework of the littler kids.”
Anna: “Work, play and tickle.”
Victoria: “We pray.”
Jonathan: “School.”
Elsie Mae: “Tuddle.”
Mary Michelle: Make faces at each other.

18. How are you and your mama the same?
Brendan: “We both have brown hair.”
Rebekah Joy: “I am a mini-her.”
Nadia: “I've got my mama’s blue-green eyes and her teeth/smile!”
Anna: “We both have blue eyes and I think my hair will be brown like hers some day.”
Victoria: “We are both ornery.”
Jonathan: “We both like cuddlin’.”
Elsie Mae: “Luf baby.” –which interpreted means love the baby.
Mary Michelle: We both like my bouncy seat.

19. How are you and your mama different?
Brendan: “I’m a boy and she’s a girl.”
Rebekah Joy: “She likes the house tidy and I don’t really care.”
Nadia: “She has children and I don’t.”
Anna: “Right now I don’t have brown hair.”
Victoria: “My hair is much, much blonder than Mama’s.”
Jonathan: “I’m a very boy.”
Elsie Mae: “No wear.” (I think she’s referring to the fact that she prefers wearing only her birthday suit.)
Mary Michelle: She’s an adult and I’m not.

20. How do you know your mama loves you?
Brendan: “The way she laughs when I say something stupid.”
Rebekah Joy: “She takes care of me.”
Nadia: “’Cause she takes care of me, feeds me and clothes me.”
Anna: “By the way she acts.”
Victoria: “Because even after she gets mad at me she hugs me and tells me she loves me.”
Jonathan: “Because she wants me with her.”
Elsie Mae: “Tuddle, sssssss.” I think sssssss means kiss.
Mary Michelle: She’s sad when I cry and helps me stop crying.

21. What does your mama like most about your baaba (daddy)?
Brendan: “His blonde hair and pale blue eyes.”
Rebekah Joy:”He hugs her and kisses her ‘cause he loves her.”
Nadia: “He’s her husband and he likes kissing her.”
Anna: “He’s nice.”
Victoria: “Because he kisses her.”
Jonathan: “Kisses on the lips.”
Elsie Mae: “Baaba yum yum.”
Mary Michelle: Daddy’s scratchy beard tickles me when he kisses me. It makes me either smile or cry. Maybe Mama likes that?

22. Where is your mama's favorite place to go?
Brendan: “Michigan in the fall.”
Rebekah Joy: “Nana and Pop-pop’s house because it is quiet, there is no routine and it is very relaxing.”
Nadia: “The Plateau for a picnic and a campfire!”
Anna: “The Rec Center.”
Victoria: “To the Rec Center.”
Jonathan: “America.”
Elsie Mae: “wimmin!” – which means swimming.
Mary Michelle: In front of the air cooler to feed me.

Obviously, Mary Michelle’s
and some of Elsie Mae’s answers
had to be “interpreted.”

Thanks, Barb, for the idea!

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