15 March 2009

Barbecue by Niger's "Big Water"

Victoria hitchin' a ride.

An inlet off the river - some went for boat rides and others fished in this area.

Bunches of kids!

Nadia says hello!

Hanging out under the mango trees.

Off exploring.

More hiking!

Someone rang the dinner bell...

...and they all come a'runnin'!

Big boys bringing up the tail.

Birthday cake... birthday candles!

Time for "Yum, yum!" as Jonathan and Elsie Mae like to say.

Tire swings...

...are so much fun!

Fishing -

-with homemade fishing rods...

...homemade hooks and finding their own bait.

Even the little ones got in on the fun!

Trying not to fall in...

...while poking around in the mud!

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