20 March 2009

One of those funny things about living in Niger is that even though the temperature is up over 100', our kids still find the pool freezing.

Their strategy is to swim for a little while... then lay on the hot (and it is quite hot - when they stand up, their skin is beet red from where it touched the pool deck) cement.

Because it is so hot and the harmattan winds are still blowing on many days, the rate of evaporation makes it seem frigid, not to mention the fact that 89 or 90' water does feel cool when it is 107' out. Their daddy won't even hardly go into the pool until the water is around 95'.

So, afternoons at the pool are very cyclical, consisting of spurts of swimming followed by long periods of warming up again, stretched out on the hot concrete. It still remains one of our favorite places to be on a warm afternoon!


  1. what were we sayig about perspective the other day when we chatted?

    :o)...been thinking aboutcha and praying for ya

    ...my kids would LOVE to spend afternoons at the pool... it was 60 the other day and they asked if we could at last go swimming please (brrrr)

  2. it's 11:30 here... and still up over 90' ... it rarely gets as cold as 60 and when it does, we are all bundled up in jackets and sweatshirts, thick socks and blankets. crazy, isn't it?

  3. Wow, that is crazy. I am sure your family is MUCH better acclimated to the weather in Niger than I would be. Heat is not my friend. :-) How often do they have to add water to the pool, if it is evaporating like that?

  4. acclimated? i don't know that it is possible to totally acclimate, we just get used to being sweaty all the time. it is still miserable - just checked the temp today and it is 108 (thankfully we are past the worst heat of the day). heat is not my friend, either..., although tim is like a lizard and has to crawl out into the sun just to warm up and get moving for the day!


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