14 February 2009

Unsanctioned Saturday Morning Behavior

I walked out of the house to go grocery shopping this morning, and look what I found...

After their daddy snapped these quick photos, they were all sternly warned not to repeat this behavior... and hopefully, the windshield wipers still work... not that we'll need them any time in the next 5 months...


  1. Were they wanting to tag along?? I guess Mary is the only "good" one, eh?

  2. btw, I have your dune pictures on our macbook but am not sure how to send them to you, facebook or email?

  3. Just like any good scrap booker - take the picture and then give the warning. SMILE! It looks like they wanted to go shopping with you. HA!

  4. even if they'd wanted to tag along, i WASN'T taking them...

    and the little M&M ALWAYS behaves, at least at this point in her life where she doesn't really have to much of a choice. *smile*

  5. ...and once a scrapbooker, always a scrapbooker, even if most of it is done online these days.


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