17 February 2009

Test Your Geography Skills

Tim and I found a fun web site tonight - I'd heard about the following link and decided to give it a try. It is called: Know Your States and tests how accurately and quickly you can drop the 50 states, one by one, onto a map of the US. Tim and I both tried - he's a master in geography with a score of 96% and an average error of only 3 miles. My score wasn't quite so good - 92% and my average error was in the low teens. Head on over, give it a try - and let us know how you fare! I can't wait to let the kids give it a try. It will be a part of their "American History and Geography" home schooling!


  1. That was fun! I scored with an error of 26 miles. I didn't think that I did that bad considering Missouri was the first state I was asked to fill in. HA.

  2. Yeah... my first state was Colorado and Tim's was Indiana. I think he got off easy!

  3. Well, I apparently totally stink at US geography. I ended up with an 82% and an average miss of 54 miles. I struggled most with those northeast states. All those tiny little ones really threw me off. Oh well...


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