09 February 2009

Double Birthday Celebrations

We knew that once the kids and I returned to Niger, we'd have to take off at a sprint... and that it will basically be like this from now until we leave for our furlough in the States in mid-July. There is so much to do... and so little time...

Sunday, however, we had a break in the middle of a conference, and we took advantage of this time to celebrate our two February birthdays... Victoria's and Tim's.

We only celebrate big birthday "parties" with invitations, planned games and lots of friends for birthdays #s 1, 5, 10 and 16. The rest of the time, the kids get to plan something special with one or two friends and the family. Tori turned 6 this year, and asked if we could take her out for a meal at the buvette at the Rec Center (which would include a milkshake), and if she could invite a couple of friends to join her. Hanging out at the pool (which just reopened for the year), sipping Koolaide, ice tea or a cold coke while eating fries and being together...? ...well, you don't have to twist our arms!


Glad to be together - Jonathan really missed hanging out with Victoria while we were in the States.

Tori and her two friends.

A few evenings earlier, with another favorite birthday present.

Our beautiful 6 year old~
wearing one of her favorite birthday presents).


But it was also February 8... Tim's birthday (Can you guess how old he is?). He likes to enjoy a brownie sunday each year for his birthday... and, of course, the meal of his choice. This year, he had fajitas... yummy! When we are at the pool, Tim likes to read, harass the kids, sleep in the sun and make an occasional splash in the pool...

...but this Sunday, I think his highlight was cuddling with Elsie Mae, who is so glad to be back with her "Baaba!"

And one final picture: The whole fam, TOGETHER AT LAST! Yes - Mary Michelle does not have a matching outfit... yet... we hope to correct that! We came to the pool straight after church, so we had a friend snap this photo before the kids started to have their fun.

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