23 February 2009

Horse Crazy Girl

What is it about horses that almost all little girls, at some point, dream of having their own and having that special relationship with their horse about which books are written? Anna is definitely one of those horse crazy lovers. Some of her biggest smiles have been from back of a horse, especially when she was the one doing the "driving" all by herself! Right now, she is reading Misty of Chincoteague, and also reading through a series of 8 horsie books that her grandparents sent her for Christmas. Reading isn't one of her favorite activities (she'd much rather be playing imagination games with all her plastic horses and horse figurines), so that is a huge accomplishment (and the horses are the motivation) for her. She can't wait until we return from furlough and she has her chance at riding lessons down at the equestrian club!

A few months back, Anna put up a poll, wanting to know what colors of horses people preferred. And her favorite, bay (like our horse King), tied for first.

  • Jet-black like a Friesian 21%
  • Bay (rich red-golden with black legs, mane and tail) 21%
  • Chestnut 17%
  • Brown 3%
  • Spotted Appaloosa 5%
  • Grey or White 1%
  • Palomino 7%
  • Piebald (Paint or Pinto) 3%
  • Blue roan 13%
  • Strawberry roan 1%

My favorite is the Blue roan... Rebekah (our other horse lover) is partial to Palominos. Horses are such fabulous animals!

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