20 February 2009

...still chuckling... at our Toddler Drama Queen...

You know those moments you have as a parent, those moments where you realize all of the sudden that one of your children has just "grown up" a little more? Elsie Mae and I had one of those moments this morning~

Elsie Mae came stumbling into our bedroom this morning while I was feeding the baby, carrying her bowl in which I had put several scoops of applesauce earlier. She showed me her bowl, smiled super sweetly and asked for more, even remembering to use the word, "Please." Unfortunately, there was no more applesauce... :-(

When I told her so, her lower lip pooched (she has a very effective pouty face), her head lowered - she looked absolutely forlorn and dejected... except that after a few seconds, she furtively looked up at me, keeping her face mostly hid behind her hair as her head was still lowered, to see if just maybe I'd changed my mind.

I told her again that as much as I'd like to be able to give her more applesauce, there was no more. She could have another cinnamon roll, but the applesauce was all gone.

Her response? She gave a big sigh, sat her bowl down on the floor, and laid face down on the floor beside the bed, wrapping her arms around her head. You would have thought that she'd experienced a life-changing catastrophe!

I waited a few more seconds and then scooted across the bed to see what she was doing, since she'd dropped out of sight. She was just laying there and I watched her for a bit, but then I started to chuckle...

As I continued to chuckle, it was hilarious to watch her struggle to maintain her sad composure - as she fought valiantly the smile trying to spread across her face...

She did final lose the struggle, began to giggle and took her bowl back to the kitchen to find a cinnamon roll. But, are two year olds supposed to be that purposefully manipulative? or that capable of theatrical display?

Maybe it is because she has 4 big sisters to teach her all of their tricks!


  1. Oh dear! How funny. I'm sure you must have gotten a very big chuckle at this.

  2. If your 2 year old has the excuse of older siblings, then what is MY 2 year old's excuse? It is so funny to watch them.

  3. hmmmm - maybe his parents are drama experts? :-)

  4. I think her "manipulation" was better than a big fit!! That's what I think MOST 2-year olds would handle it.

    Kudos to two great parents!!


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