12 October 2014

walK with THE Wise ~ And All the Rest ~

Einstein was, incontestably, a brilliant man.
He thought the most important thoughts were the ones that were God's thoughts,
and according to this quote, he wanted to know all of them.

While we will never exhaust the possibilities of all of our infinite God's thoughts,
we can make sure we know the thoughts He has shared with us.

Proverbs 12 is chock full of them.
Here are a few - and this list is by no means exhaustive!
to love discipline means to love knowledge
hating discipline and correction is another way to say "Stupidity!"
agreeable and pleasant people promote bounty and beauty from God
yet evil schemers provoke God's condemnation and judgment  
when the righteous make plans, the intent of their heart is right
when the wicked advise, their intent is deceitful, misleading and illusory
an evil man's words are like traps designed to injure or kill
an upright man's words rescue and save
wicked are unstable and will be destroyed
righteous build in a firm foundation
prudence and wisdom are praised
twisted and contorted thoughts are dangerous and detested 
better to be unimportant and think lowly of self but having your needs met
pretending to be important and doing without what is needed is ridiculous
righteous care for that over which God has given dominion
questionable or impure intent renders any kindness of the wicked cruel
work is rewarded, brings provision
dreamers who only chase dreams instead of working will lack 
our sinful words will find us out
innocent words never shame
fools always think they are incontestably right all the time
the wise realize there is so much they don't know and seek that knowledge
fools are easily annoyed
a wise man does not let himself be bothered by an insult
honest witnesses speak truth
false witnesses speak lies
reckless words damage and injure
careful words help and heal
truth never ends
lies dissolve, destroying quickly all that is built on them
joy showers down on those who encourage peace
the discerning do not tell all
the fool impulsively tells any and everything that comes to mind
hard work rises to the top
laziness leads to a loss of liberty
worry is a heavy burden
kindness helps lift burdens
the righteous are discerning in friendship choices
the wicked are always making wrong decisions
good men receive life
follow good men to discover that path

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