10 October 2014

Wrights Broadcasting Truth to Quebec, Fall Prayer Letter

…He must needs go through Samaria. 

(from John 4)

Does that phrase “must needs go through Samaria” intrigue you? Have you ever tried to imagine the tension that must have existed as Christ walked this earth:  Just how could Jesus be fully God and fully man - at the SAME time?!

That begs the following question: As God, did Jesus already know that there’d be this woman He’d meet at the well and that this meeting would lead to the belief of an entire city? Or, did the God-man allow His foreknowledge to be limited, making Him completely dependent on the leading of the Spirit?...


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And...? Thanks so much for caring about our family, taking the time to read, to pray and to consider partnering with us in this ministry! We are so appreciative of you!

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