15 October 2014

walK with THE Wise ~ It's our pick: Despicable Me... or Heed for Life?

Whoever heeds life-giving correction
will be at home among the wise.
Those who disregard discipline despise themselves,
but the one who heeds correction gains understanding.
Wisdom’s instruction is to fear the Lord,
and humility comes before honor.
(Proverbs 15:31-33)

Last summer, our girls had the opportunity to make clothespin dolls - using clothespins, yarn, scraps of material and Elmer's Glue. It was a perfect project for first and second grade girls although there was some frustration holding pieces in place until the glue had set. As long as the girls carefully heeded the directions of the women showing them what to do, their dolls turned out beautifully. But disregarding instructions or rushing through them carelessly only ended up in needing to take things apart to redo or fix mistakes. And they'd get mad at themselves for being stupid and for not doing just exactly what they'd been told, how they'd been told to do it.

The stakes are much higher when it comes to instructions for life. Heeding wise guidance gives life... brings life. Is "correction" at home in my heart? Is my heart hospitable to the wise discipline and correction of my heavenly father? Or do I disregard?

Disregarding God, ignoring His directions and His wisdom might make me feel free for the moment. In reality, I'm only directing self-hate and repugnance towards myself... and I'm too blind to even see that possibility.

I'm just like Gru, glorying in my obnoxiousness in Despicable Me... before his heart softens.

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