11 October 2014

Longevity in Ministry ~ One Thing that Can NEVER be in Excess!

It's a relief to know that there's at least one thing of which we can never do or get or have to much!

What might it be?

Keep reading... for here is post 6 in a series that has already spanned a couple of months.

Several weeks ago, I started a series that I'm hoping will be both a challenge and encouragement - it has definitely been a challenge for me - based off of a sermon by the senior pastor at my sending church
    I've identified seven priorities that are absolutely essential - ones that protect me from burnout and the temptation of sin, ones that give me direction and hope for the future, ones that remind me from whence comes any and all measure of progress and success. Those priorities are:

    1. Growing an increasingly intimate relationship with the Lord by consistently, daily and throughout the day, seeking Him
    2. Praying without ceasing (steadfastly, continuously, patiently, powerfully); 
    3. Striving to maintain a good balance between personal growth and service or ministry; 
    4. Welcoming accountability; 
    5. Committing to marriage and family; 
    6. Choosing to be teachable even in difficult circumstances; and 
    7. Determining to be a genuine team player.
    Two weeks ago, we explored some of what it means to walk with God... The conclusion? It's an essential habit that must be intentionally developed if godliness as well as longevity in ministry is a goal.

    Prayer is the second priority. I believe it was Spurgeon who said...

    And... if you want to read the rest, please follow this here link!

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