03 February 2013

One of the easiest 10 year old birthdays yet...

Victoria is 10 today!

She partied yesterday!

We always celebrate birthday - but due to the number of birthday in our family, kids only get big, full-fledged parties with lots of work for Mom and Dad on certain years.

Birthday #10 is one of those years -
and knowing Tori, we expected something elaborate 
requiring all sorts of craziness on our part.

We couldn't have been more surprised.

She invited friends to play games that she organized, then watch a movie, 
eat street meat with fresh fruits and veggies on the side.

Then we did the cake thing... 
she wanted a simple yellow layer cake with orange sherbet instead of ice cream.

And then they were back outside playing games and running wild until the party was over.

I like the way this 10 year old plans!

~Photos by Anna

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