14 February 2013

A perfect Valentine's Day Breakfast for those who've stolen my heart ~

There's nine of 'em, you know... 

...my Valentines!

I usually don't make a big deal of Valentine's Day around our house... I didn't marry one of those gushy, romantic sort of dudes who brings me flowers or chocolates or both on a regular basis. He DOES bring me yummy Niger bottled cokes, and THAT makes me just as happy, however!

A friend recently sent me this recipe for grapefruit doughnuts and I was totally compelled to try it. Several of my kids LOVE grapefruit - they'll cut them in half, freeze them overnight, sprinkle with sugar and then eat them the next morning for breakfast - so I was pretty sure it would be a popular breakfast choice - and breakfast variety (anything besides oatmeal or baguette with peanut butter on it) has been sorely lack in recent weeks. 

I tried the recipe for the first time last week - and with the exception of two complaints, everyone in the family enjoyed them - some saying that this IS their new favorite doughnut. Not only that, it is a delightfully easy recipe to do - making the dough the night before and leaving it in the fridge so that all I need to do is get up, roll 'em, cut 'em and fry 'em the following morning. And you just can't beat the treat that it is - fresh doughnuts for breakfast.

A total aside? The French word for grapefruit is pamplemousse. That is so much much more fun to say than grapefruit, don't you agree? And where does the name grapefruit come from, anyway?

I decided they were such a perfect pink and had an unbelievable flavor for my wacky kiddos who really like grapefruit, I had to do it again this week for Valentine's Day. I broke with my tradition and Valentine's Day has been a bigger than normal deal this year! I made the donuts heart shaped... some where grapefruit flavored and some were raspberry flavored... and all were a lovely pink!

And I'm plotting how to modify this recipe to do a collage of pastel-glazed doughnuts when we celebrate Easter in the very near future!

The kids shared with their classes at school - and now they're all gone!

Did you do anything spacial for Valentine's Day this year? If so, 
please share!


  1. mmmmmm!!!!!!!! If only I could perfect a gluten free yeast-raised type doughnut, my taste buds would rejoice greatly. And truly I cannot "perfect" something that I do not "try" - right?

    1. yep - ya gotta give it a try! although, i would think if you've found a good substitute in other baked recipes or bread, it would work well for this. yeast doughnut recipes are very similar to a light bread.

    2. I have made cake style GF donuts so this kind will be next. :-) I found a few recipes today. :-)

  2. Do they taste like a traditional donut or like grapefruit? My sister makes mashed potato donuts that taste just like traditional donuts -you can't tell the difference.

    1. they taste like a traditional doughnut. the zest in the dough gives is a grapefruity smell, but you really can't taste is in the dough itself. the glaze, also made with grapefruit juice, is where the grapefruit taste is most evident.


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