25 February 2013

Turning over that TCK leaf

But TCKs... third culture kids... are nothing short of amazing. Don't you agree?

bi-, tri-, multilinguists

cultural chameleons

experienced world travelers

flexible, adaptable, go-with-the-flow -ers
(think "flow" with a long o sound!)

fascinating conversationalists

both sophisticated and naive all at once 

kids who still almost always somehow stand out in a crowd, 
even when they try their best not to

I don't think I can think about, talk about, write about or look at them in any way objectively. I don't think I can even try.

I know I'm far more than a bit partial....

Click on over to Missionary Mom's Companion, where I talk a bit about some of the challenges these great TCKs will face when their families return to their passport countries for either home assignment or reassignment.

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