06 February 2013

NO Wordless Wednesday this week - One path to moderation ~ at least when it comes to potato chips!

You know, I'm pretty sure we'd eat a lot fewer potato chips if we actually went through the process of making them...

First you wash and peel the potatoes.

Then they have to be very thinly sliced and kept in cool water until ready to fry.

Heat the oil.

Drain the potatoes.

Fry - until mostly done.

Remove from oil and allow to cool.

Place back in the oil to fry again, crisping the chips.

Remove from oil, drain and salt.

Repeat several times until you have enough for your family.

Call in the munchkins.

Munch away until chips are gone.

One nice-sized handful of these sufficed - for everyone in the family... 

... well, except for this one!

But then, she's only helped peel the potatoes once or twice in her lifetime!

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