21 December 2012

Self-described as a "fast-paced, sort-of-true story..."

And it is for it's a huge temptation... 

Pick and choose details from the Word of God and use those details to sculpt... or paint... or construct an image of Jesus that is, really, nothing more than a holier, more sanitized version of myself. When I understand Jesus that way, He's comfortable, easy to be with and only rarely challenges my ideas and even then, only when I'm ready for such a challenge.

That isn't, however, the real Jesus, God with Us, fleshed out in the Bible... 

Matt Mikalatos, in his lightheartedly but also serious book My Imaginary Jesus, hopes to confront his readers with this very human tendency.

A quick and easy read, I appreciated the message of this book. Although a little too wild and fantastic for my personal taste (and I can see how some would definitely consider it irreverent), I see how it could be a great conversation starter as well as an initiator for some deep soul searching to discern when, where and how we've recreated Jesus in our own image rather than seeing Him as God has revealed Him primarily through His Word but also in His World.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers as a part of their blogger review program. The ideas expressed within are my own.

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