31 December 2012

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts ~ taking a break from the "Encountering Jesus" series to share these photos...

...  and some thanksgiving from our camping trip to Parc W

this week's gratitude list:

(#'s 3415 - 3467)

Christmas presents for the whole family and that the whole family enjoys, together

being truly away from the city for the first time in more than 2.5 years

safety even with two tires blowing apart while we were traveling

four wheel drive

warm afternoon sun (see the croc?)

amazing views

big smiles

riding on the roof

Land Cruiser packed as full as we can get it

the beautiful Niger River

rocks to climb

watching her enjoy her first visit to the park

more big smiles

girls enjoying the view with their daddy

living life a little on the edge... M&M specializes in this!

even more big smiles

watching for and actually seeing real live wild elephants on that island

life that grows in dry and rocky places

bright blue skies

life-giving river... peace like a river...

binoculars and little animal spotters (she was awesome at finding monkeys... takes one to know one, perhaps?)

amazing baobab trees


gazelles and other deer-like-creatures

finding nourishment even when it looks like there isn't much there

running free


places to hide

monkeys chattering on a high ridge (you can see one of them if you look carefully!)


bird-watching some very, very LARGE birds

families... even if they are a family of warthogs

the gift of camouflage

magnificent creatures

climbing trees

amazing and LARGE animal constructions

a bird's eye view

mighty birds of prey and the power they symbolize

night skies

full moons

a great camp site

cooking over a campfire (bacon and eggs for breakfast)

roasted homemade marshmallows - any time of the day

warm baths with tea kettle warmed water

mosquito nets

no scorpions in/under the tent this year

packing up to go home

a comfy next where littlers can ride

bright in the midst of barren

delicate, fragile beauty

flowers blooming, life beginning anew, fresh starts... after the fire
a new year arriving bringing new life blooming and and fresh starts beginning

Happy New Year, 2013!

May you experience 
(and don't forget to count... 
for you will never count them all...) 
God's great and many blessings, 
today and throughout the year

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  1. awesome pictures! All I could think of was how much Aaron would LOVE seeing all those animals in person - it would be so fun to watch him enjoy as I am sure it was for you to watch yours! YAY for happy family time! Happy New Year's to you guys!


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