19 December 2012

"It's the merry-hearted boys that make the best men!"

Jonathan wanted pizza, white cake and marshmallows to roast with friends for his birthday this year.

I didn't get the white cake done... maybe later this week... but we did successfully tackle the rest!

Getting up early to make marshmallows...

When I get up early to do anything in the kitchen, this is what it looks like...

One very excited birthday boy... couldn't sleep and fairly soonly? He wandered out to join me, or to at least offer suggestions from his spot curled up on the couch!

Using the computer, since the recipe I've adapted is located on-line.

Time to make those marshmallows! 


Look at that! He's starting to wake up the second time!

Mary Michelle is always wanting to help.
So she helped cover the marshmallows with sifted powdered sugar.
Just as he requested: a bonfire where we roasted lots of marshmallows,

Playing soccer in the dark with some of his buddies,

Cake, candle and hearing everyone sing him "Happy birthday!"

A whole bag of marshmallows to roast.

One pretty awesome eight year old boy!!!
And just in case you were wondering, 
the title of this post is an Irish proverb.


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