20 December 2012

A Wright Christmas 2012 ~ Come walk alongside... Just be with us, for a while…

A young Muslim friend of ours was visiting one the weekend. As we conversed, she made an unforgettably convicting point:
“Most Christians I know don't know how to really evangelize. They’d rather storm the gate and fix everyone instead of taking time to walk alongside, see and try to understand the world from a different perspective…. They are always sure they have all of the answers and are afraid to consider anyone else an equal peer.”
That’s pretty serious… Ignoring, dismissing or refusing to consider even its possibility is nothing less than negligent. So we dug deep and searched...


Please head on over to our ministry web site, Wrights Broadcasting Truth to Niger, to read the rest of our 2012 Winter prayer letter.


  1. Love the family photo! Where are the goats??

    1. kicked out of the photo seconds before each attempt... seriously!!

      thanks - i was amazed that we managed to get something we could use in only 4 or 5 tries. how often does that happen?

      sure are missing you guys around this place.


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