17 November 2011

Our "Just-older-than-the-baby" girl turned 5

back in September, and boy, did she plan quite the party. I still can't believe she's THAT old! 
(Elsie Mae and one of her favorite friends, Zoe.
Funny little side story? I almost forgot to invite Zoe because
Zoe's brother is in Elsie Mae's K/1 class at school.
Zoe is a year younger. And I forgot her name on the invitation.
Thankfully, Zoe's mama asked about it...
because it just might have ruined Elsie Mae's day if Zoe hadn't been there.)

A "Tangled" (Disney movie based on the fairy tale "Rapunzel") theme was her choice, we were in our new house with a loft to serve as a tower, lots of kids were here to party and to help - it was a busy and exciting day and I think Elsie Mae loved every moment of it. The very first game they played after the party-goers arrived was a "follow the leader-" obstacle course. Tim led... Brendan piped his flute... and they pretended they were Flynn trying to keep up with an amazed Rapunzel that first time she escapes her tower.

There are way too many photos to try and put them in a single post, so I'm hoping to post them over the next several days in "bite-sized" portions... and maybe add a bit of commentary along the way.

This might have been one of the more fun birthday parties I've planned... and I've done a few... but part of that was because Elsie Mae was so involved in the planning herself. She knew exactly who she wanted to invite, what kind of a cake she wanted, what games she wanted... and I loved listening to her dream and then help me figure out how we could try and pull off a party that looked at least a little bit like the dream she had in her mind.

Getting set up for a rousing version of "Eugene, Eugene, Eugene... Flynn Rider!" (aka Duck Duck Goose).

And the best part? If you ask her... she'll say that her real party matched the idea party she had imagined. God is so good - and this one little moment (in the grand scheme of things) of achieving even more than she expected, hearing the laughter, seeing her smile... makes me thankful - and very, very happy!

Stay tuned for the next batch of pictures!
(And thanks to Anna and Tim for snapping the photos!)

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