08 November 2011

Multitude Monday ~ 1000 Gifts... Inconceivable! Has it Really Been 16 Years?

They've flown by.

Such a short time ago...

He was still a babe in arms, tugging, twiddling, worrying my ear for comfort...
Now he's first choice for his brother
as littler one sneaks into his bed for snuggles and comfort.

All those laps walked late at night, working to calm colicky tummy...
...He often works late into the night
to calm his mama's colicky need to have the kitchen clean.

Never ending questions...
a friend remarked just yesterday
how that was a big part of her first memory of our boy.
...He's still asking questions...
if only the answers were as simple as they used to be.

A gentle spirit who longed to please,
even more than he wanted his own way...
...we still watch those internal battles wage. And smile ~ 
for he listens, and very often, he allows the Holy Spirit to win. 

A young gentleman, ready to serve, free with his smile,
quick to apologize once convicted...
...his mama could
~ does ~ learn much from this example.

It is such a blessing and a privilege to call him our boy!
Happy Birthday, Bren Bren!
We thank God every day for sharing you with our family.

this week's gratitude list
(#'s 1626 - 1649)

16 years

his amazingly perfect, so-often-seen, smile

a subtle sense of humor that trickles out when I'm so not expecting it

that God works and grows our children in spite of us

really liking the man he is becoming

calling him "Tim" by mistake, because he sounds just like his father

seeing his daddy in him, seeing his Heavenly daddy in him

the fact that for his 16th, he's chosen a low-key dinner party with a few family friends, knowing that he'll probably end up helping to prepare, serve, and restore... rather than a big party centered on celebrating him

looking forward to celebrating his 16 years with dear friends later this week

cool evenings, cold mornings (yes, cold here is relative)

Monday mostly off

the evidence of God's grace in the life of a friend

traveler safely returned

much biggers, our biggers and littlers running around the property like mad men and women, playing tag

puppy cage finished - and our huge, beautiful puppies liking it

curtain rod installed in my bathroom

finding the belt to my bathrobe - still thanking the Lord, because it is so nice to snuggle in my robe on these cold mornings

listening to little to one singing along with Dora

work accomplished

trying a new, lovely bread recipe - and having it work, delightfully, the very first time

still learning in Kings

impromptu slumber parties

text messages that finally arrive and make me smile, even though they are several days late

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