11 November 2011

5 Minute Friday ~ Unexpected

Totally unexpected. I never dreamed a green, metal can filled with a yellow fizzy drink would become such a part of my life. Especially since I detested the stuff.

Growing up, my friends and I refused to drink Mountain Dew. In fact, we had a very descriptive, unmistakeable and unmistakeably unflattering name  for it. Then I graduated, moved a few times, finally landed in the state of Michigan... and met Tim.

Tim loves Mountain Dew. I can honestly say that it might just be his drink of choice. I first had an inkling of his obsession with this particular carbonated beverage when with every canoeing outing we took, there was an obligatory photo of a Mountain Dew can somewhere on the canoe, with the river in the background. I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that it was obsessive when he continued to drink his iced Mountain Dew after my 1 year old niece had sipped some... and left little floaties behind. And I've often said that was the moment I knew I had fallen, unanticipated, head over heels in love.

After all, any guy who would take photos of a pop can to commemorate special times and then drink floaties after little kids without blinking an eye, calling both serendipity (or "an unexpected pleasure along life's way") had to be someone very special and worth getting to know, a lot better.

Today, green metal glass bottles with Mountain Dew written in Arabic are the decorative accents in my kitchen... and today, I couldn't imagine it any other way.

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  1. Cute! I fear you may have me to thank for Tim's obsession with Mountain Dew :) I'm not sure whether to say "you're welcome" or "sorry," but considering its profound effect, I think "you're welcome" is the better choice. I once dated a girl who loathed the stuff, calling it "battery acid." That nickname would seem to be very fitting here, as it did sort of jump start your relationship with Tim.


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