19 November 2011

Mullings and Musings (only 4 this week... but all worth a look!)

"When we think of fear, our first thought is probably of the emotion—that paralyzing, mouth-drying, stomach-clenching dread that seizes hold of us in the face of an imminent threat. This connotation is not altogether absent. Anyone who can think of God and shrug is not thinking of the God of Scripture.

However, a primary and basic element in the fear of Yahweh is revelation..."

  • "What would you do, if you were in Joe Paterno's shoes?" (It is no secret that I've always had a lot of respect for Joe Pa, and I've been for many, many years an unashamed Penn State football fan. I deplore his lack of action regarding the horrifying abuse that occurred at the hands of a colleague. I do think he should be held responsible because in his position, with his reputation, a different choice on his part could have led to a much different outcome. Yet to "demonize" the man and to try and nullify what he has done and has accomplished, misses the point and ignores a lesson for every person... a point expressed clearly in this editorial.)
"An honest accounting of the events surrounding Jerry Sandusky’s alleged serial abuse of children would require that we hold all people to an equal standard, and that can be uncomfortable.

By firing Paterno, nobody else needs to ask what they could have done to keep Sandusky’s alleged victims from ever having been victimized, and by extension none of us has to ask what we could do in any of the situations when we have the opportunity to step in and help someone else in need.

Meanwhile, students enraged by what they see as unfair treatment of their beloved coach, have rioted... this response insulates them from the far tougher question which moral people must ask – not what does the law demand of us, but what do we demand of ourselves in order to be the people we want to be.

Which brings us back to the question of what would we do, if we were in Paterno’s shoes."

  • "The truth {about "fine"} will set you free" (I'm so thankful for those few friends who will trust me truth... as one dear friend called it just today, give the "gift of honesty... and who give me another precious gift - a safe place to be transparent.")
"I’m so used to hearing the polite answer I think I’ve forgotten how comforting the real one is.

It’s powerful when a friend steps out from behind fine and looks you in the eyes..."

"Jesus awoke, rebuked the wind and waves, and there was instant calm. And then He said, 'Where is your faith?' And that’s when it hit me, that the question is not, “why don’t you have faith,” so much as where am I placing my faith? In what or whom am I placing my faith? In the boat? In nice sailing weather? In my ability to handle my circumstances? Or even in my understanding of God’s plan? Am I placing my faith in anything other than the One who rules the entire universe and can alter the landscape of my life with a word?

And then the next question arises. If He can alter my circumstances with a Word, why is He sometimes silent?

Could it be that He waits because the gift is in the storm?"

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