30 November 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Elsie Mae decides to join in the Jon-man's "no bake - salsa exchange" with Miss Mary

(thanks to Nadia for the photos!)


  1. This makes me want to jump a plane and be there chopping up 'maters with ya'll. I miss you guys...all of you! I miss my sweet friend, Mary, and will always remember our trip up to Hanging Rock with your family. How ya'll had to hold me back when Mitchell was flirting with the lifeguards....ha,ha...and just having a good time with you guys. I hope we'll get to do it again sometime.

  2. you are welcome... anytime! i'd love to hang out with you and your not so munchkinny munchkins again sometime, too. it was a delightful day - good memories!


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