19 July 2011

Stumbled across...

this video blog "On Asking" @ Stumbling Around in the Light the other day. I appreciated what Teri had to say... and so I wanted to share.

I've been thinking much on this, because I am:
  1. Someone who hates asking for help, showing my needs or weaknesses and thus admitting vulnerability before others;
  2. Someone who, by nature of our position ~ "faith supported missionaries," often feels like sometimes asking is all we do and people must get tired of it; and
  3. Someone, frankly, who is or who typically is perceived as (by my local neighbors and friends ) the "has-to-have-money-and-better-access-to-resources-than-me" person, and so gets asked very frequently to help is numerous circumstances.

Mostly, my attitude stinks when it comes to asking for help... or being asked to give help. It is easier... more convenient... to forget, as Teri shares:

"God has been speaking to me about asking. 

About how hard it is to do. 
About what a gift it is to be asked...and what a gift there is in the blessing of giving...."

Definitely worth the listen, if you've got 5 ot 6 minutes to spare.

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