23 July 2011

On her way!

Last Sunday was Leandra's "commissioning" service, including a prayer of dedication.

  • If I know her pastor... her daddy, my bro-in-law and a long time dear friend...,
  • if I know anything at all about all that is wrapped up in stepping out and following that call to longer-term missions the very first time, or any time... 
  • if I know anything at all about the scary, lonely, what-in-the-world-have-I-said-I'll-do panic that can strike as it the weight of it all becomes really real...
I can guarantee it was a spiritually powerful and emotionally full moment. I do remember when my daddy prayed for me the first time I left on a long missions trip... I remember the excitement of leaving, the fear of the unknowns to come, the sadness of parting with people you dearly love for longer than you've ever been away before...

...and I'm just starting to understand the painful delight involved in watching your kids begin to step out and follow their Lord, even when it costs them... and you... much.

Please pray for Leandra and Julie. They are presently en route! They have a long trip before them, long layovers in strange airports, the fun of navigating worlds where you are not guaranteed someone will speak your language... all to arrive in Niger heat at 3 in the morning. Pray for safety, uneventful travel, smooth connections and a special time as they travel together - a mama and her girl!

And then, don't forget to add in a special request... that we don't overwhelm them with too much love and excitement when they do get here! We can't wait!

A huge thanks to Candace Fox. She snapped this photo at their church in LA and then graciously responded to my fb request, allowing me to use it.

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