02 July 2011

Ay ga ba Yesu!

So far, a large part of my summer has been spent working with a group of three ladies from our church... Mamata, Aissa and Alarba... teaching them to read... in Zarma!

It has been a ton of fun as well as a huge and time consuming challenge, especially since I don't speak Zarma all that well myself! My Zarma is improving rapidly... almost as quickly as their reading abilities.

God is so good!
God IS blessing!

These ladies are motivated and are learning... rapidly! You should have seen their faces the first time they read the title phrase of this post... It means "I love Jesus!"

...or today, the look on the young man's face (he went as my translator for the very first class) as all three ladies read the beginning of the passage we were examining during today's Bible study:

"Ay ga Rabbi sifa, nga kaŋ ga saaware ay gaa."
("I will praise the Lord, it is He who counsels me.")
...from Psalm 16:7a

I really can't imagine a more exciting way to spend part of my summer vaction... really!

We have two more weeks of class before other responsibilities take over once again. Please pray with me that in this short time that remains, these women will grasp reading and then they can go on the adventure of a lifetime as they begin reading and meditating on God's Word... themselves!
Once I find my battery charger... I'll take some photos, I hope!

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