17 July 2011

Ya gotta love a good book about pirates, romance and life on the high seas...

...especially when it challenges you to think about
  • what it really means to "turn the other cheek;"
  • how selfish, prideful ambition is often disguised, even to ourselves, as self-sacrificing service to others... when we look deep or ask God to search our hearts, our true motivations might surprise us;
  • how only God truly sees the heart - people are not always what they seem, and even those who appear evil have many layers, many depths - and need to see the God's grace, not man's judgment; and...
  • the truth that often, the largest, most difficult land to conquer is rebellious territory within our own hearts...
  • and perhaps most importantly, asks us the question, "How do we confront evil?" and should we use different strategies if the evil we find is without... or within...?
So far my favorite "completed" read of the summer?

The Trophy Chase Trilogy, composed of

If you know someone who loves swashbuckling pirate stories, adventure on the high seas, deligtful protagonists pitted against complex antagonists, not too sappy romance and the challenge to think biblically... all rolled up into three books, I can't recommend this series enough. We checked these books out of our local library... and I can't wait for a few more of my kiddos to read them!

Click here to read more about the author or the books.

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