27 July 2011

Not-so-wordless-but-heartfelt Wednesday

Just wanting to say

a huge and heartfelt thankyou to Pastor David Warren,
his wife Maria
and their three children...

...for their investment and corresponding sacrifice!

~to Pastor David, in making this trip...
~ his family in facilitating it and agreeing to say "Goodbye" for awhile...

They've certainly contributed to what God is doing through His church here in Niger.

We've enjoyed the opportunity to fellowship with and get to know a little better Pastor David as he's spent this last week with us - it has been a fun and encouraging time.

We know all the seminar participants agree whole-heartedly,
and we can't wait to see them begin to use their newly acquired
and/or fine-tuned skills for His glory!

Thank you, so very, very much! 

Thanks, also, to our home church, Calvary Baptist- Midland, Michigan -
for helping to make Pastor David's trip possible.

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