12 November 2010

~ so my friends stop buggin' me ~

whose names remain unmentioned
are insisting

 "include a photo of you!"

much easier said than done
 when you are the one usually taking the photos,
when you aren't "in" to self-photography,
you know the kind
where you stick the camera
at arm's length
in front of your face
and then
 looking expectantly to see whatever
~out of focus~ 
~ ridiculous ~
~or humiliating~
image you haphazardly
may have captured

tim snagged this photo last week when he was taking photos
of one of the mission properties that we hope to sell
he was in the process of making a flier
to distribute
to let people know about the property

I'm not sure why
but since he took this photo

to please a few friends

a photo of me
(and my colleague diane)
surrounded by a bunch of
of words

because tonight
 i'm too tired to come up with something more creative

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