27 November 2010

loving our new T. R. A. D. I. T. I. O. N. !!!

...and this is one we've decided we really like.

The last Saturday of the month, I get up early and start the donut making process for the gang. After having done plain old glazed several times, I decided to try something new: Boston Creme Donuts (the only part of this recipe that I used, however, was the creme filling).

The verdict?
You tell me what you think...
based on these pictures...


  1. Looks like you could open a donut shop and have several VERY happy customers!! :-)

  2. After sending an e-mail declaring I couldn't figure out how to post a comment I figured out how to post a comment... duh

    Love your blog. Can't wait to personally munch those Boston Creme's...

    Dad & Gampy


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