01 November 2010

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts ~ Thankful for MY daddy

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday - and he's NOT old! My kids refer to him as "the Gampster," and the littles love that he throws them up in the air which makes their tummies tickle. I am thankful for so many things about my dad... and in honor of his birthday, I thought I'd share just a few of them:

#521 he married my mama

#522 he still lets me hold his hand when I go for a walk with him
#523 he's big and tall and strong
#524 I see him helping Mom in the kitchen so often
#525 he tries to come to all the grandkids' special events, games, concerts, etc., just as he always tried to make my special events when I was growing up
#526 he tells the corniest jokes ever and isn't afraid to be silly

#527 he gives... and gives... and gives... and gives...

#528 he takes the best ever photographs

#529 he is gentle

#530 he is often a good example to me of choosing when not to speak

#531 so many neat memories of riding and talking with him, when he'd take me to college or pick me up for break

#532 he lets me see how much he cares when he doesn't hide tears

#533 he hiked to the lake and back... nearly twice... to encourage and to make sure everyone was OK

#534 he throws munchkins high into the air, which tickles their tummies and gets them to giggling, and then catches them safely as they beg for him to do it again

#535 he gives horseback rides all over the living room floor

#536 he told Tim when he asked permission to marry me that it was for keeps... he wasn't taking any returns

#537 he helps take care of Nana and Pop-pop

#538 his eyes twinkle when he's in a jolly mood

#539 his old green and black checked flannel shirt that he let me steal and then I wore as pjs for nearly 20 years (it finally fell into pieces - or I'd still be wearing it) because it reminded me so much of him

#540 the fact that he came to Africa to visit us, even after he said he never would... and then decided it was an okay place
Happy birthday, Daddy! I love you and miss you... We love you and miss you! You are the best daddy a girl could've ever dreamed of... and this list could easily keep on going!

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  1. Tearfully Beautiful

  2. Love this post! I miss my daddy. He has been gone for 12 years now. Enjoy and love your daddy.


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