30 November 2010

A Girl and her Grandpa

I'd forgotten about these pictures.

I glanced out the window, wondering where our then almost-4-year-old had disappeared to... and spied Elsie Mae and her grandfather... up to something. What? I wasn't sure, but I decided to investigate.

So I snuck out... I don't think Grandpa ever realized I was there.

Elsie Mae did! They were enjoying listening to Grandpa's ipod... together...
(probably Chet Atkins or Susan Boyle)

I love these photos.

And it seems appropriate to share them now, as we are spending so much time of each day praying for Grandpa Gene and Grandma Betty... We know God is and will continue taking care of them.

Lord willing, Tim will be back home with us tonight... 

sometimes we wish we could be there to help...
or just to give and get a hug.

Brendan, Rebekah, Nadia, Anna, Victoria, Jonathan, Elsie Mae and Mary Michelle would like to ask everyone to please keep praying for their Grandma Betty and Grandpa Gene.

Thank you, in advance,
for your prayers.

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