15 November 2010

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts

~ breathless ~
~ blown away ~
~ bowled over ~
~ a bit bewildered ~
And that is only the tip of the iceberg of trying to describe how I'm feeling. My guy left late Friday night to spend some time with his family as his mom has been quite sick the past few months. It is hard to be apart. It is hard to try and keep up with these kids without his help. It is hard when little ones miss their daddy and don't understand why he suddenly can't snuggle them. But, hard does not have to equal bad... for hard is where I'm presently seeing God's presence, the evidence of His hand, everywhere my eyes land...
#560 frequent flyer miles... business class... for the best guy ever
#561 kids who pitch in and clean, cheerfully, like there is no tomorrow - and the resulting spic and span feel throughout the house
#562 pray-ers, care-ers, heart share-ers... we are blessed with so many of those in our lives, scattered all over the world
#563 big surprise for Grandma
#564 heartfelt wishes in homemade cards made with love and through tears
#565 getting hurt... therefore recognizing a danger I hadn't considered in my brain so scattered these days and thus removing it... so my precious ones don't also get hurt
#566 skype, yahoo messenger, computer to phone texting... such a myriad of ways we can communicate in this day and age
#567 the most consistent, reliable internet we've had in weeks
#568 hamburgers for breakfast from the bakery down the road
#569 beautiful testimony from a beautiful, inside and out, gal... and her well-timed reminder that teachers don't need to be afraid of hard or even unanswerable questions... and then my continuing from there thoughts upon that as followers of Jesus, we don't need to be afraid of hard times ~ when life reaches one of those hard places
holy experience

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