08 June 2010

Standing in line in a convenience store somewhere in Virginia the other day...

...this sports page headline caught my eye.

I'm sure there are probably parts to this story that I'm missing... it really seems too good to be true... but I wish my kids had seen it. In a world that is obsessed with defending rights, most would say that ball player had a "right" to his perfect game and his name in the record book. But biblically, there are things more important than fighting for and demanding our rights, aren't there? And practically, how do we disciple our children to lay aside their rights? (i.e. follow Christ's example as written in Phil. 2)

As a parent sitting on the sidelines watching my kids participate in sports this past year, the temptation to blame the umpires or refs for every bad-in-my-eyes call or to complain about overly aggressive play by the opposing team was a strong one, and I must admit those thoughts did often surface. We say we one of the key reasons for participation in competitive sports is character development. I kind of think that God chuckles and lets us think that, but really, He knows that the key reason our children are participating is for the character development of their parents. Could it be that when I learn to model a godly response to the perceived trampling of my child's rights, s/he will learn genuine good sportsmanship that goes far beyond the mere shaking of hands and "Good game!" comments traditionally exchanged after the last buzzer? Perhaps that genuine sportsmanship will then transfer into other areas of his/her life, so that both disappointment and achievement are equally accepted and embraced as evidences of God's sovereignty and grace?

What do you think?


  1. i was absolutely impressed with the way both men handled that situation. I, too, lamented to matt, that i actually *wish* i could have seen that game...and i HATE watching baseball on t.v.

    we often struggle with these issues with allen, and i've been mulling this over lately...


  2. thanks for the comment, barb ~ this struggle, and others who don't even realize the behaviors they are modeling, has been one of those things for which i was totally unprepared.

    it is eye-opening for me... in which areas of my life is ungodliness blaringly evident... and i don't realize it or worse... won't admit it and just accept that behavior as "not really so bad..."


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