17 June 2010

"If you give an Elsie Mae a Marshmallow..."

...she'll decide that she needs to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

At Grandma and Grandpa's, she'll be able to find a good stick to roast her marshmallow.

They also live just up the road from Grandma Bernie's horses.

She'll probably decide that she needs to stop and see the horses.

Then she remembers she can't visit the horses.

Before she can visit the horses, she needs to have something to give them.

So you take her back to the party store by the light to buy some carrots.

After all, you can't visit the horses without carrots... and sugar cubes...

Uh oh, she forgot the sugar cubes.

Back inside the party store for those.

She'll probably ask you "Why is the party store so far from the horses?" even though it really isn't.

"Why are there all those tractors across the street from the party store?"

"Because that place fixes tractors that aren't working right?" you reply.

"Can I go for a ride on a tractor?"

"Not tonight."

"Why not?"

"Because those tractors aren't working. That's why they are there."

Then she'll look at you with a puzzled expression and say, "But they should be working now, since they're there."

You head back to the horses...

But Elsie Mae decides she's hungry and wants to eat the carrots herself and only wants to give the horses the sugar.

She accidently drops one sugar cube into a puddle of water from the rain the night before.

It dissolves. She's fascinated.

She drops another... and another and then asks, "Why does the sugar melt?"

"That's called dissolving. When it goes into the water, all it's pieces break apart..."

"Me tired of horses. Let's go to Grandma's."

As you walk back up the hill, she spots a dandylion. She picks the dandylion and then sees another one, which she also wants to pick.

She decides to get 4 dandylions because she will be four years old soon...

...and she puts them in her hair.

Then she asks for a brush to brush her hair.

While you are finding a brush, she asks Grandpa if he will build a fire to roast her marshmallow.

He tells her that he will if she will help him collect the sticks for the fire.

They go out and collect sticks.

You hear her ask "Why..." at least a gazillion times.

Once the sticks are gathered and the fire is lit, she picks out a stick as long as she is tall...

and asks Grandpa to make it pointy for her.

She smashes her marshmallow on the pointy end of her stick and starts to put it over the fire but the fire is too hot.

She gives her marshmallow on a stick to you and asks you to "burn it" for her.

As you stand up out of your lawn chair, she runs off to the playland under the cherry blossom tree where all the bees are buzzing.

She reminds you that the bees "not sting me. They like me."

Once her marshmallow is roasted (she's only had time to slide twice), you holler at her to come and eat it.

She tells you she doesn't want the marshmallow. She wants a SMORE.

Thankfully, Grandma had chocolate and graham crackers!

But she doesn't want the graham cracker for her SMORE. She only wants the chocolate.

She pulls the marshmallow off the stick with her fingers and squishes it around the chocolate.

She eats it and wipes her sticky fingers on her hair.

She asks you to make another marshmallow for her and you do.

She eats that one the same way, only this time she wipes her twice sticky hand across her nose.

When she asks if you'll make her a third marshmallow, you say "No, two is enough."

She runs away with a sly giggle to slide down the slide a few more times. You wonder why she laughed when you said, "No..."

Night time... sleepy girl... time to go...

Protesting, she climbs into her carseat and waves bye to her grandparents and promptly falls asleep on the way home...

...so you use a diaper wipe to get the worst of the sticky from the marshmallows off her nose and out of her hair. You decide to let her sleep in her clothes.

You don't notice her clenched hand...

...and the next morning, she wakes you up with a sticky touch to your shoulder.

You notice she has even more marshmallow on her nose AND in her hair.

You remember her giggle as she ran the night before... she had escaped with a marshmallow after you'd told her "No."

She slept all night with that sticky, smushy marshmallow in her hand in her clenched fist...

...she slyly whispers in your ear, "Me want to go to Grandma's and Grandpa's today..."

(This is a ficticious story. However, any ressemblance to others, particulary Elsie Mae was intentional and all events were based upon actual occurences in the life of our sweet, next-to-the-littlest baby girl.)

...I wonder if Felicia Bond would agree to illustrate???

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