20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

A friend of ours, Adam, stopped by the house not too many weeks ago and he shared a story that touched my heart... and I asked if I could use it on our blog. I've saved it until today... I think you'll see why.

Apparently, when he was a little guy, his feet turned in and the doctors told his parents he'd probably end up needing braces to correct the problem. Like most little guys, Adam greatly looked up to his daddy and wanted to be just like him. One of the easiest ways for Adam to mimic his father was to walk behind him and plant his feet in his daddy's footsteps. He wanted his stride and his footprints to match his father's exactly. And in so doing, his foot problems were corrected.

It was a powerful illustration of the impact parents, particularly a godly father, can have in the life of his child.

I'm so thankful...

  • my kids have such an amazing daddy...
  • he has captured their hearts and they love him unreservedly...
  • they love spending time with him and will try anything ~ just so they can...
  • he enjoys so many things that naturally captivate a kid's heart...
  • he leaves behind footprints of love, kindness, servanthood, faithfulness, loyalty, gentleness and a heritage of seeking and following His Heavenly Father.

It is such a joy to know that if they follow their daddy's footprints, they'll be on the narrow, but sure, path... just like their "Baaba."


(Thanks, Adam... I hope I've remembered the details pretty close to how you told them the day you shared this lovely story with us.)

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