07 June 2010

Multitiude Monday ~ 1000 Gifts

(no pictures this week :-( ~ we are on the road)

#153 games of kickball with a beach ball that won't go exactly where you want it to go

#154 a perfectly thrown spiral - even it it is a nerf ball

#155 soft beds in a motel room

#156 blueberry pomegranate juice for breakfast

#157 hearing a friend play the bagpipes

#158 watching Mary Michelle's reaction to the playing of those bagpipes - they are intense!

#159 fields of wild buttercups that where little girls can pick them to put in their hair

#160 perfectly sweet strawberries in a summer fruit salad

#161 stopping to buy a box of 40 Timbits - in our family, that means 4 yummy melt-in-your-mouth-bites per person

#162 humorous ponderings trying to imagine why they confiscated our limes but not our apples or carrots at the border crossing

#163 freezing cold air conditioned hotel rooms

#164 little girls loving puppy dogs

#165 toddlers playing in the sprinkler with friends

#166 warm, humid days that help me appreciate the lovely coolness of less humidity and windy days

#167 the wind

#168 big boys who aren't afraid to hang out with all my girls

#169 adopted aunties and uncles

#170 grocery shopping with a friend

#171 long car rides that are finally over

#172 king-sized beds that can sleep several Wright kids all at the same time

#173 tin whistles played in the car, the shower, outside, inside, with friends, alone... and the joy he feels because of the music

#174 waterfalls, lakes, canoe rides, newts, picnics, sand

#175 raspberry mousse parfait... again

#176 visiting with friends and mentors we've not seen for several years... we've had two such opportunities in the last 4 days

#177 text messages from a sweet friend that always bring a smile

#178 talking way too late into the night just to spend time together

#179 finding the ticks before they'd become too attached

#180 little girls who open their hearts to make new friends quickly

#181 a flat tire that was rather painlessly taken care of, with a reminder that appearances from the outside don't always reflect the heart inside

#182 buying spices to take back to Niger at an Amish market ~ for a really great price

#183 seeing God answer prayer so specifically

#184 ordering plane tickets

#185 going home again

#186 listening to girls giggle, laugh and play in the jacuzzi

#187 a lodge overlooking a lake in the mountainy woods of PA and the moments of rest we are enjoying there

#188 powdered sugar kisses after powdered sugar donuts for breakfast

#189 ending our church meetings for this furlough at a welcoming, friendly, enthusiastic and interested church

#190 the relief that comes from knowing that we are done with those meetings for this season

#191 staying in a hotel with adjoining rooms for the first time this trip

#192 watching Anna as she becomes more competent at changing diapers and caring for her littlest sis

holy experience


  1. Blueberry pomegranate juice = yum. Those border crossing confiscations of fruit are so peculiar to me. That's so awesome that you are missionaries.(visiting from the Gratitude Community)

  2. Lovely list. Bagpipes *are* pretty intense, aren't they? I remember one morning in a practice room at college, some guy moved in on the next block of rooms and started playing bagpipes on the other side of the wall. It was so loud that I couldn't hear my flute in my own ears!

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