28 June 2010

Multitude Monday ~ 1000 Gifts

#223 camping and canoeing farther than I thought we could - and sunburn, blisters and sore muscles just to prove it

#224 camping in the rain

#225 children jumping on a trampoline in the rain

#226 brightly colored balls that the adults chased around the yard

#227 muddy bare feet

#228 blazing campfires

#229 5-year old canoe paddler singing in Zarma at the top of his lungs ~ for a really long time

#230 venison hobo packs cooked in a campfire

#231 cheeky chipmunks who aren't afraid to express their opinion... noisely

#232 baby beavers

#233 flashlight tag

#234 brave girls who wanted to sleep on the trampoline

#235 lots of unscheduled time to enjoy family and friends - sweet and bittersweet as our furlough time comes to an end

#236 being still, knowing and resting...

1 comment:

  1. Awesome thanks!

    And thank you for your service to the Lord. Obedience to His call brings adventure and peace all wrapped in one. I pray for you on my map not really having any names to pray for specifically... but now i'll put your names on there and make it more personal. :)

    I pray for wisdom, opportunity, favor, protection, and for the seeds you plant to be watered and produce a harvest.

    Be blessed this week!


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