24 May 2010

Multitude Monday ~ 1000 Gifts

#92 hand-me-downs

#93 new-to-her "stuff"

#94 old wrapping paper rolls as imaginary swords, telescopes and shepherd staffs

#95 a yellow and gold striped Pooh and Tigger shirt that all but one has worn - and it will be her turn soon

#96 teachers who visit and stay for dinner

#97 Anne of Green Gables, again and again and again...

#98 anticipating our trip to visit so many dear friends, beginning at the end of this week

#99 the last week of school and then they'll all be home for the summer

#100 watching God unfold His good and amazing plan, even when it wasn't what I thought I'd wanted

#101 trying new foods

#102 trying new recipes

#103 learning how to make my own, good for you, pink lemonade

#104 a friend's laugh - first we were blogging friends, but this furlough year, I've gotten to know her a bit, "in real life," and I appreciate her even more

#105 working in the 1 year old nursery these past months

#106 watching her, a bit unsure and unwilling at first, work in that nursery with me

#107 finding someone who speaks French at one of our supporting churches

#108 anticipating field trips

#109 imagining the look on her face when she finds out she gets to go to Mackinac Island, too

#110 decisions made

#111 two little girls in matching yellow checked dresses with a bright pink flower for accent

#112 new computers... especially when it is a green one

#113 teens and tweens and their late night conversations

#114 homemade granola

#115 baby gibberish sentences that are beginning to make sense

#116 watching God orchestrate details

#117 catching frogs, chasing goats, holding ducks and cuddling bunnies

#118 tubs of clothes to sort through

#119 suitcases... we are beginning to organize for packing

#120 tilapia for dinner, with steamed broccoli and "cheese melted" (as Jonathan likes to say)

#121 turning on the AC so Gammie and Gampy will be comfortable in the house

#123 big and little girls uncontrollably giggling at those creepy "monkey" shoes

#124 the opportunity to share what God has done

#125 watching a video about the book "Already Gone," and hearing Ken Ham say that the ark was so big, not because there were so many animals needing the space, but because our gracious God wanted that space available... for so many more who could have listened, heard and accepted the message of upcoming judgment.

holy experience


  1. you make me smile, at times sigh with relief, and I appreciate you, too!

  2. Such a lovely list!
    I join you in gratitude for learning how to make yummy good for you pink lemon aid. Would love your recipe! And Ann of Green Gables, how fondly I remember my mom and my oldest daughter reading the books over and over through the years. Precious memory.

  3. Thank you for stopping by and giving me your recipe for pink lemonade. I am planning a bridals luncheon for my daughter in August and think that would be perfect to serve. Can't wait to try it.
    Very kind of you to share.
    Thank you.


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