11 May 2010

"Gossip" ...or perhaps ~

~ you called the game "Telephone?"

...You know, the one where you whispered something into your neighbor's ear... all the way around the circle... and when it got back to around to you, the last person repeated aloud what they had heard? How those words could metamorphisis!

That's what I thought of the other day...

One day last week, Elsie Mae walked back over to the school with me to pick up the kids (and buy a Pepsi from the vending machines... one of the hidden advantages of living next door to the school, when you need a quick gulp of caffeine). On our way into the building, someone was walking out and didn't see my little girl... and as they pushed the big, heavy metal door open, it ran right over her big toe. Many tears, a good amount of blood, an ice pack, ibuprofen and one very sore foot later, she was doing much better, but I was a little concerned that maybe her toe was broken due to the amount of swelling.

When it was time for her to go to school the next morning, there was no way we were getting a shoe on her foot, so I took her to school with socks and explained to her teachers what had happened. And this is where the story gets a little funny.

By the time this story reached the office, the story was that Elsie Mae wasn't wearing shoes because we wanted to toughen her feet up before we returned to Niger Now, I have been walking 1.5-2 miles most days barefoot because that prevents shin splints, keeps the torn calf muscle I've been trying to rehabilitate from aching AND has the added benefit of toughening up my wimpy feet quite accustomed to comfy winter boots... so I'm pretty sure I know how and why someone might think that, however that was never discussed or mentioned when I dropped her off at school.

*giggle* *giggle*

And you should have heard Tim laugh when I got home and told him...

I love it when God puts something absolutely hilarious in our days for no reason other than to make us laugh! Oh yes, by the way... just over a week later, her toe, according to her, is "awwlllll bedder."

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