17 May 2010

Multitude Monday ~ 1000 Gifts

#58 notes to "I Sing the Mighty Power of God" played accurately at her piano recital... and it was just lov-e-ly!

#59 no accidents, no diapers - ALL DAY LONG... 2nd day in a row!

#60 big bunches of red, seedless grapes

#61 dinner at Grandma's house

#62 being available to babysit two sweet little girls

#63 listening to the thunder and the rain

#64 spur of the moment decision to go watch a softball game - and remembering to bring blankets to shield from the cold west wind

#65 a playground for little ones; big ones who mostly cheerfully supervised little ones on said playground.

#66 banana bread - made with oatmeal

#67 being asked to join in for a field trip; not being able to but seeing the delight when Grandma was asked, said she could go and realizing that that was actually the better plan.

#68 newly "composed" song by a second grader

#69 when God answers my prayers that my kids get caught in their disobedience... even when it is a little embarrassing for the parents.

#70 grocery shopping dreams to laugh about once I'm awake

#71 library books that can be renewed on-line

#72 that other countries are taking the missionary challenge seriously, and reaching the world for Christ when our own country seems wrapped in materialism.

#73 Hearing this statement (somewhere): "The church is God's Plan A. There is no Plan B," and "thankfullerest" that God is providing for our return to W. Africa.

#74 eskimo kisses given and received...

#75 ice cream sandwiches

#76 hot coffee on a cold, rainy afternoon

#77 little voices cheering for their daddy in the morning - 'cause he bought donuts for a breakfast surprise on the 10th last day of school this year

#78 visiting niece and her boyfriend who find Mario Kart almost as entertaining as the little man

#79 grandparents who like to share oreo cookie ice cream with their littlest grandkids.

#80 church youth groups

#81 footballs and frisbees flying

#82 tween-almost-teen looking forward to her first professional manicure

#83 Holy Spirit prompted, surprising ideas to economize

#84 OCM and how it is working

#85 son and daughters who aren't afraid to speak their mind and the opportunity to teach them how to do so... gently, teachably and respectfully

#86 laundry and the time it offers to "think on these things"

#87 potential expectations and the hopeful, while not yet completely sure, anticipation and dreams they encourage

#88 college program that sees itself as a ministry

#89 little girls who like to sit on their mattress in the corner of the bedroom and play with the blankets

#90 all night snuggles with a sweet, sick baby (not that she was sick, but that God brought the occasion to have a long and uninterrupted snuggle that I would not have taken otherwise)

#91 children's wonder at the diversity of God's creation: present marveling includes lightening bugs and arapaima

(original arapaima photo at: Animal Planet, River Monsters page)

holy experience


  1. I like your list, R. Yay for renewing library books online!!

  2. HI Tim and Richelle,
    Welcome to the Gratitude Community. I love #63 and #76 on your list.

    Also, I wanted to let you know I read your prayer newsletter linked here and have said a prayer for you!

    Praying God will bless the ministry he has given you in ways you recognize could only be from him,


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