03 May 2010

Multitude Monday ~ 1000 Gifts

#21 the joy on his face as he realizes he's "unlocked the code" and all those scribbles on the page really do mean something and he can figure it out all by himself... with patience!

#22 three little bodies all snuggled together for an afternoon nap.

#23 rediscovering the amazing magnificence of "Les Miserables" all over again through the eyes and ears of my daughter. (Original photos found here.)

#24 blonde pigtails.

#25 renting a suit for his first formal banquet.

#26 reading a blog post about something that I really wanted to attend but didn't... because he wanted us around for his first formal banquet.

#27 surprise! a bright pink gift bag filled with goodies left hanging on Elsie Mae's coat hook at school.

#28 sweet little girl voice repeating and reapeating the words "around the corner, around the world, a soul needs Jesus, someone who's never heard..."

#29 listening to that same, sweet little voice share her testimony standing in the baptismal waters... after struggling long and hard with the question: "Do I do what I want or do I choose to obey?"

#30 the yellow splashes of dandylions everywhere.

#31 pizza and milkshakes with grandparents on a Sunday night.

#32 that even if the sun could no longer shine, we'd still have light because He spoke the light into existence before He created the sun and the stars... and He is the Light of the world.

#33 kids collecting sticks to burn... to roast marshmellows and make smores on a Friday night.

#34 studying His holiness.

#35 great merciful kindness toward me.

#36 His forever enduring truth.

#37 that both merciful kindness and enduring truth exist in the One and Only.

holy experience

Mondays and everyday, gratitude should be my practice...
...counting to 1000 and beyond.

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  1. Enjoyed your list and the photos. Bonfires are a favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing! Aloha!


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